Jeff (heffesurfsnaked) wrote,

ok i had to update.
im pulling an all-nighter on this god forsaken perspectives historiographical paper on shaka zulu which isnt supposed to be hard at all but its just pissing me off and im way distracted tonite cause im totally wired from my caramel macchiato (so glad we have starbucks now at school) anyways

my sister went to hawaii tonite, my dad flew off to germany yesterday and my mom is in palm springs for the week. what the fuck is up with that shit man. i get stuck here with school and all this crap. family has got to start spreading the love.

i went on to my friend jessica's (from home who goes to cal-poly) online diary which totally inspired me to write like a diary in this thing and i found out a few things:
this girl, crystal gentry who i knew in high school is now a porn star and there are like naked porn shots of her on the web, maybe ill put the link up later. i dont know i feel kinda weird about it.
my community college at home, COC is the college that produces the 2nd most porn stars in America, kinda fucked up.
yea ok im totally wired and listening to crazy music and everyone on my floor is lit tonite and the girl next door is fucking and the bed is creaking. ugh. hahaha. i love school though. 2 weeks left! ay yi yi
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